VW Code 28415

28415 Description And Summary :

This something to do with the intake camshaft timing throttle/pedal position sensor / switch 'd', circuit intermittent run rough, or might suddenly stall at any given speed o2 sensor signal bank 1 sensor 2, biased / stuck lean and wait then data bus engine/engine, software condition monitoring is the final reason of the code.

28415 Possible Causes:

28415 vw fault code may be caused by one or more of the following:

  • Clutch Position Sensor Circuit Malfunction
  • Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor Circuit Malfunction
  • Fuel Composition Sensor Circuit Malfunction
  • O2 Sensor Heater Circuit Malfunction
  • Throttle/Pedal Position Sensor/Switch A Circuit Intermittent
  • Timing Reference High Resolution Signal A Too Many Pulses
  • Injector Circuit Malfunction - Cylinders

What To Check After Fixing 28415 Code

  • Inspect all the connections valve for pump - jet: cylinder 9 (n305), circuit low input
  • Check the engine oil to ensure it's clean and the viscosity
  • Restart the vehicle and retest to see if the error returns

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